New England Patriots Veterans in Danger of Losing Roster Spot This Offseason
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    New England Patriots Veterans in Danger of Losing Roster Spot This Offseason

    by Uplandram2 » Sun May 28, 2017 1:23 am

    We've seen it happen multiple times over the years. Quality players for the New England Patriots are let go or traded while still capable of contributing. This is because head coach Bill Belichick has a longstanding tradition of getting rid of players a bit too soon rather than too late.

    This is often the approach with aging veterans, as the Patriots don't want to be saddled with a late-season performance drop-off. Sometimes, Belichick simply wants to move a player while he still has trade value. Over the last year, we saw New England trade away linebackers Jamie Collins and Chandler Jones. Both were quality players the Patriots ended up not needing to win another Super Bowl.

    Not everyone believes this is a great strategy for the Patriots to employ. Former Patriots cornerback Ty Law, for example, believes losing veterans has cost the team in the past.

    "I think it has cost them championships. I think they let go of too many guys who can rally the troops and win Super Bowls," Law said, per Michael David Smith of

    While Belichick might not be right in every instance, the five Lombardi Trophies he has brought the franchise will likely prevent anyone in the organization from questioning him the next time he sends a veteran out the door.

    Whether everyone likes it or not, the trend of parting with veterans still capable of contributing is going to continue in New England. Here, we're going to look at some veterans who could lose their roster spots as soon as this offseason. We'll examine their situations, what they've meant to the team and why they could be off the roster in 2017. ... -offseason

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