Ravens' first offensive draft pick this year is Goose Jr. (well, not exactly)
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    Ravens' first offensive draft pick this year is Goose Jr. (well, not exactly)

    by UplandRam » Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:45 pm

    OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- All of the Baltimore Ravens' picks in the first three rounds were defensive players. So, when the Ravens finally took an offensive player, he just happens to share the last name of one of the most popular defensive players in franchise history.

    But San Diego State guard Nico Siragusa, who was drafted in the fourth round, is not related to former defensive tackle Tony Siragusa, who was affectionately known as "The Goose."

    Does Nico Siragusa get asked frequently whether Tony is a relative?

    "Oh, come on," Nico Siragusa said. "Every day."

    Siragusa has an idea that could help end the constant questions.

    "Hopefully, one day, we can take a picture one day and we can be like, 'You are not the father,'" Siragusa told Baltimore reporters on a conference call Saturday.

    While they aren't family, Nico Siragusa does share some similarities with his namesake. He is also a no-nonsense player who is known for his power in the trenches, imposing size and being lighter on his feet than expected.

    What Sirgausa takes pride in is the fact that he played an integral part in helping Donnel Pumphrey set the NCAA career rushing record.

    "That’s something I’m going to tell my grandkids about," Siragusa said. "I don’t care if people say Ron Dayne this, Ron Dayne that. D.J. Pumphrey is the man. I can’t wait to see what he does at the next level. He’s been proving people wrong his whole career. I can’t wait to see him keep doing it."

    If Siragusa can prove he can play right away, he'll likely play left guard, where he started three seasons for San Diego State. That would allow Alex Lewis to play either right tackle or center.

    “I’m going to bring a hard hat every day," Siragusa said. "I’m going to be a good people mover, an explosive offensive lineman. I’m going to be great in the locker room, that kind of player, great in the community, great everywhere."

    http://www.espn.com/blog/baltimore-rave ... ot-exactly

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