Ravens Legend Bracket: Todd Heap Vs. Kyle Juszczyk
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    Ravens Legend Bracket: Todd Heap Vs. Kyle Juszczyk

    by Uplandram2 » Sun May 14, 2017 11:23 am

    An interesting match-up here in the Legend bracket series. We see two former offensive weapons for the Ravens in Todd Heap and Kyle Juszczyk.

    In this match-up of the Legend bracket series, we take a look at two formed offensive weapons for the Baltimore Ravens.

    Todd Heap and Kyle Juszczyk found their way into the end-zone plenty of times during their time in Baltimore. They played at two positions in tight-end and fullback who tend to go a bit underappreciated in the NFL. With that being said, Ravens fans made sure their hard work did not go unnoticed. Both of these players have heard their names yelled loud by the Baltimore crowd. But as we know with his series, only player can advance from this match-up. Let’s take a look at who will it be.
    Why Todd Heap is a Ravens Legend

    When you talk about some of the great players the Ravens have had, Todd Heap always makes the conversation. With all the worries about who will catch passes this upcoming season, the Ravens did not have that problem when they had Todd Heap. He was a tight end who was like a wide receiver. The 31st overall pick in 2001 was a target man for 10 seasons in Baltimore. Heap ranks second as all-time receiving yards for the franchise with 5,492 yards. As a tight-end that is very impressive. He is only behind wide receiver Derrick Mason.

    Unfortunately, injuries toward the latter part of his career led to his release. He spent a season with Cardinals before retiring. Heap never won a Super Bowl during his career, but he’s one of the guys who you wish did. He will forever be one of the all-time fan favorites in Baltimore. He is one of the select Ravens players that are in the team’s Ring of Honor.
    Why Kyle Juszczyk is a Ravens Legend

    Harvard isn’t known for producing a ton of NFL talent, but Kyle Juszczyk is an exception to that. The fullback was selected by the Ravens in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Juszczyk was used mostly on special teams during his rookie year, but won the starting job the following season. It became clear pretty quick that Juszczyk was going to be a great player.

    Juszczyk’s position is labeled as a fullback, but he is much more than that. He do just about everything. That includes blocking, running the ball, catching passes and even playing on special teams. He did all these things during his time in Baltimore. If it weren’t for a defensive lapse, his touchdown against the Steelers last Christmas would have put the Ravens in the playoffs.Because of his play, he was a very sought after free agent this offseason. The Ravens were not able to hold on to him and he got a very deserving contract from the San Francisco 49ers.

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